Workshop: Write Your E-book

"Write your e-book in 6 weeks"

This 6-week online workshop guides you through the process of writing an e-book, helps you put goals and deadlines in place, and gives you coaching (and accountability!) along the way. In the end, you'll have a finished draft of your e-book. Woo!

Writing an e-book requires time, effort, and sometimes money. It can be intimidating to take on this kind of project. But what many people have the most trouble with is simply starting at all.

You know how a lot of people have “write a book” on their bucket lists? I know a lot of business owners and bloggers have “write an e-book” on their someday lists, their important-but-not-urgent lists. So what happens? Every day, we get wrapped up in what MUST get done and often don’t make time for those bigger projects, like e-books.

The good news: I’ve developed a system.

And with a system, you can finally write that draft. You can finally get that expertise from your head out on (electronic) paper and sell it and share it. And maybe you’ll even experience some moments of joy and fun and growth in the process.

You could do it on your own with lots of work, research, trial & error, time, money, frustration... or you could do it in 6 weeks with my system and my support.

Think of taking this workshop like investing in a personal trainer.

Invest in yourself (or in this case, in your business) and get a return on that investment: strength, better health, weight loss (or in this case, an e-book you can sell for profit). When you pay for a personal trainer, you’re not wasting a gym membership fee by never going. You're not making excuses for skipping the gym again (or putting your e-book project on the back-burner). You’re making a commitment. You have an accountability partner, someone who will train you, coach you, encourage you, and celebrate with you.


This workshop addresses three common challenges:
"Melissa was so great to work with. She asked all the right questions to get a full understanding of my e-book project. She was super organized, friendly and was able to turn my vision into a reality. She came up with a very realistic schedule and stuck to it, pushing me to keep on track and get everything done. It probably would have taken me a year to do what Melissa did in a month and I would love to collaborate with her again in the future!"

--Ciera Holzenthal
Graphic designer & owner, Ciera Design
"The Meetup Guide: How to Create, Plan, and Host Your Own Local Event"

  1. Procrastination/lack of time – you need accountability!
  2. Fear of not doing it right/perfectionism/lack of confidence in your writing – you need encouragement and support!
  3. Overwhelm (too much information/thinking/confusion and not taking action) – you need step-by-step guidance!

At the end of the workshop, you will have…
  • A completed draft of your e-book – on the topic of your choice & of the length of your choice
  • A sense of accomplishment and confidence in your work
  • A community of supporters (your fellow workshop classmates and me!)

This workshop is for you if:

You have some kind of expertise you’d like to share through your writing.
You want to decide on a topic idea and see that idea come to life in e-book form.
You can dedicate a couple to a few hours per week to workshop calls and homework (primarily writing your e-book).
You thrive in an environment where you have accountability, ongoing support, and encouragement to get things done.
You enjoy going through a process with other people and experiencing that sense of community.

This workshop is probably NOT for you if:

You are extremely self-motivated and don’t really need check-ins or accountability to finish a project.
You would rather work completely independently and don’t have interest in access to a community to support you throughout the writing process.
You aren’t interested in writing your e-book yourself (perhaps you would prefer a ghostwriter or co-author).

"Write your e-book in 6 weeks" WORKSHOP includes:
  • 6 weeks of interactive group coaching calls
Step-by-step guidance: Receive direction, writing tips, areas to focus on, inspiration; complete short “in-class” exercises/brainstorming
Accountability: Share your accomplishments and goals with the group
Support: Ask questions and get feedback/ideas

Calls will be 45 minutes to 1 hour long.
Recordings will be available but being there LIVE is a great way to stay accountable and get feedback/questions answered.
  • Weekly homework: primarily writing!
  • 5 mid-week motivational emails (one per week): inspiration, tips, and accountability to help you conquer roadblocks and keep moving forward
  • A private Facebook group: a community going through the process together, plus accountability, motivation, and feedback (I’ll be there the whole time!)
  • AND a few fun surprises along the way!
Cost: $297
20% off for very first group: $237

Need more support? UPGRADE and receive these additional items:
  • Unlimited email support including Q&A, feedback, or general support/cheerleading (weekdays)
  • 1 private one-on-one coaching call (45 minutes)
Cost: $397
20% off for very first group: $317


It's time to finally write that e-book. Let's do it together!

"Write your e-book in 6 weeks"

Wednesday evenings - 6 pm Pacific / 8 pm Central / 9 pm Eastern

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