About Me


You know how they say that you should look back at baby pictures in order to figure out what hair color suits you best? Well, not too long ago, I reflected on my kindergarten days in order to determine what I should be when I "grow up.” When I was young, I had a handful of careers in mind: teacher, writer, actress, fashion or interior designer.

There are still parts of me that relate to each of these careers, but the one that has always been my dream is being a writer. Looking back, I realized I have been doing it since I was four years old—whether I was writing a story during centers in kindergarten, an article for my high school newspaper, a press release during my internships, a paper for a college English class, a presentation for work, a post for my blog, or a portfolio for one of my grad school classes.

I knew I wanted to do what I’ve always loved—write.

Born in Chicago and raised in Kansas, I grew up with four younger sisters and an amazing set of parents who continue to inspire and support me through it all. When it came time to apply to college, I wanted to major in English and decided to supplement it with a business degree. It ended up that college was more than classes—it was Lewis Hall, tutoring at the Writing Center, Dance Company, long island iced teas, football games, and the start of life-long friendships. I graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a second major in English—and in the process, I’d discovered what I did and didn’t want in life, who I was and who I wanted to be.

Following graduation, I moved into an apartment on Melrose Street (yep, that’s the inspiration for my company name!) in Chicago with two college girlfriends. I started my job at a media agency downtown three weeks later. After some time on the search marketing team, I rotated to the Publishing Activation Group and bought magazine advertising space on behalf of my clients. I learned a lot about relationship building, communicating, negotiating, understanding the content and audience of various publications, managing my time.

But I missed writing. Emails and Power Point presentations weren’t enough. I wanted to do something that I was truly passionate about. So I went back to school for a master’s degree in writing and publishing at DePaul University and started a blog. I discovered the world of freelance writing and took the first steps to set up my own business. After a few months, I quit my job to pursue freelance writing full-time.

Now, I have experience writing for agencies, corporations, small businesses, publications, websites, blogs and associations. I have the great opportunity to share my love of the written word—not only through my own published works, but also through coaching and consulting. Writing is my passion, and I'm grateful to share it with others.

Everyone has a story to tell.



DePaul University

Master of Arts, Writing and Publishing

University of Notre Dame

Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing

Second major in English


Starcom Mediavest Group

Publishing Activation Group - Print Media Planning/Buying

SMG Search

Search Marketing and Optimization

Trozzolo Communications Group

Advertising, Public Relations, Custom Publishing

Andrews McMeel Publishing



FIT4MOM fitness instructor

Author of the blog Inspiration and Rough Drafts

Chicago Women in Publishing: Member (2010-2013)

The Write Practice: Regular Contributor (2012-2013)

StoryStudio Chicago: Completed courses in Creative Writing I and Freelance Magazine Writing

Participated in online coaching course, Freelance Writer's Blast-Off

Attended Business with Intention workshop

Besides writing, I have many other loves. A little bit about me:

I married my kind, caring, hilarious husband on the three-year anniversary of our first date.

We welcomed a daughter in August 2013, a son in October 2015, and another daughter in April 2019.

I love nothing more than spending time with family and good friends.

I enjoy any reason to celebrate—birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, a random Saturday night.

Decorating our home involved a turquoise settee, a crystal chandelier, a vintage trunk coffee table, and countless throw pillows.

I prefer baking over cooking. It’s the sweet tooth in me.

I will read pretty much anything, but my favorites are Jane Austen novels and magazines like Women's Health and Magnolia Journal.

My favorite color is purple.

Country music makes me smile.

FIT4MOM classes and yoga are my favorite forms of exercise.

I dream of beach vacations.

I always sign my name in cursive.

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