Melrose Street Custom Content

"Melissa's work is thoughtful, well-developed, always prompt and always on-brand for a diverse array of clients. We appreciate her attention to detail, from asking smart questions when she receives an assignment to reviewing the published finished product independently and applying any revisions she observes to future assignments. We would highly recommend Melissa as a content creator, especially for lifestyle brands!"

Ashley Logan

Founder & CEO, Yakkety Yak Marketing

"Working with Melissa has been such a life saver for us! We were struggling with producing as much content as we desired since we always put our client needs first. Melissa puts us first. We occasionally brainstorm content ideas together and let her take it from there. Her approach continues to help us identify fresh ideas and keeps us on deadline every time."

Melissa Lagowski

CEO & Founder, Big Buzz Idea Group

"Melissa is my go-to writer. Not only is her copy fantastically written and researched, she's just all around great to work with. She's timely and responsive, and she makes my life as an editor so much easier. Can't say enough good things."

Mike Nagel

Lead Editor, Stripes Agency

"Melissa is one of our go-to copywriters for a reason: she's awesome! Whether we're working with her on a super technical piece or something light and fun, Melissa is able to quickly master the topic she's writing about and flawlessly capture the voice of our various clients. All of this, combined with her ability to work with tight deadlines and little direction make Melissa a total joy to work with!"

Alyssa Conrardy

Co-Founder and President, Prosper Strategies

"Melissa Tydell was a wonderful addition to the writing team at CheekyChicago.com. She not only filled a void in the work/money/business space of the website, but she did so while staying in line with our tone and vibe. As an editor, I truly value writers that need limited editing and work, and Melissa is just that: a stellar and intelligent writer that would be a great addition to any publication."

Erica Bethe Levin

Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, CheekyChicago

"Melissa has been an absolute joy to work with! She's super creative and develops very interesting material for Glitter Guide. I know I can rely on Melissa for a timely, well-written story. I enjoy working with her and always look forward to her contributions."

Taylor Sterling

Founder & Creative Director, Glitter Guide

"I was in the process of creating a new website for my business, and I needed someone to spruce up the copy. Melissa was extremely easy to work. She was always quick to respond, friendly, and professional. In very little time she was able to give my dull and clunky copy a clear and compelling voice. Essentially she made me look good and made my life easier. I look forward to working with Melissa in the future!"

Alexis Bettis

Attorney for small businesses, creatives and entrepreneurs

"It has been a pleasure working with Melissa. To say she performed what was asked of her would be an understatement. She went beyond the call of duty and blew me away with her timeliness, creative ingenuity, and professionalism. Her work is the perfect blend of necessary information and relevant facts, sprinkled with the appropriate amount of word play to suck the reader right into any article she writes. Her research skills were unparallelled, as I have yet to find a writer that has gone that in-depth when it came to digging up the right information for her project. Simply put, I very much look forward to working with her again and again in the future!"

Christie Scott

Publisher, EA Bride Magazine

"Melissa is a skilled and passionate writer who is open to new ideas and works well with others. Her writing is clear and concise and her voice is both personable and professional. I felt confident giving Melissa an assignment and letting her run with it. She has fantastic interviewing skills, and her work is clean and on time. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Melissa, and I would highly recommend her to others."

Jamie Schroeder

Editor, Chicago Women in Publishing's Clips Newsletter

Recommendations from Previous Work Experience

“Melissa is a highly strategic thinker, impeccable writer and dedicated worker. She was an honor and absolute pleasure to work with, challenging the norm where appropriate and always going above and beyond in the name of client service. I whole-heartedly recommend Melissa as she will be a great asset to any team or client.”

Laura Sitzberger

Laura previously acted as my manager at Starcom

“It has truly been a pleasure working with Melissa because of her responsiveness, attention to detail and willingness to work hard on behalf of her clients. She really understands the bigger picture behind the questions that need to be answered and does so in a very thoughtful and tactful manner.”

Kelly Connelly

Midwest Sales Manager - Men's Health and Women's Health, Rodale

Kelly worked with me in my position as a media buyer at Starcom

"I worked with Melissa very closely for about 5 months (more tangentially for a few years prior to that) and she was truly a pleasure to work with. She is highly productive and has excellent communication skills. I never had to worry about micro-managing or being overly involved in Melissa's projects, because I always knew that she was on top of things and had everything under control. She is extremely detail-oriented with strong project management skills. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Melissa again in the future!"

Megan Boveri

Megan previously acted as my manager at Starcom

"I reported directly to Melissa for over a year and consider her one of the best managers I have come in contact with during my career at Starcom. Her project management, leadership, and communication skills made our two accounts run seamlessly. While we worked on a technology account with short timelines and always-changing tasks, she implemented processes that helped our team function more efficiently. She also exhibited great attention to detail--she managed to increase the accuracy and reliability of the team, improving the reputation of our division. Further, Melissa maintains a positive and professional attitude that made my experience working with her extremely enjoyable. She encourages her subordinates to take ownership of assignments and maintains open communication at all times. Her easy-going attitude also helped her establish strong relationships with everyone she came in contact with. I would be more than happy to work with Melissa at any point in the future and endorse her wholeheartedly."

Monica DeWitt

Monica reported to me in my role as media supervisor at Starcom